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Weight Loss

Perfect Health by Preeti Gupta provides the diet program which helps to modify your lifestyle in such a way that you are able to loose weight in a healthy manner and also weight does not bounce back.

Weight loss is associated with Obesity. So let’s understand the word obesity. Obesity is excessive accumulation of fat cells in the body that means our BMI (Body Mass Index) crosses the value of 30. BMI is measure of the body fats based on Weight and Height that applies to men and women both.

Obesity is becoming a global health issue and spreading very fast in India and other developed countries. Obesity causes other health issues like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, PCOS, cardiovascular disease and etc.

But it’s a life style disorder so when treated with diet, exercise and life style modification can be cured and people who are obese can get there normal ideal body weight and prevents future life style disease and also diabetic people can get their blood sugar levels normalized and pcos  also get reversed.

Perfect Health by Preeti Gupta helps you to achieve your target weight with healthy diet, no starvation and keeping in mind the person’s  choices and lifestyle so that their weight loss is permanent .

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